We are a technology innovation and development organization. Our software platforms provide a strong foundation for building end user solutions.We offer turnkey solutions based on our unique platforms, and also work with other teams around the globe to help them build solutions using these platforms.

Falcon Platform

Falcon is an open extensible platform for digital health. We offer services to build custom solutions on Falcon Platform to meet your specific needs.

With its reliable and scalable architecture, you will be delighted with the solution turn around time.

Chronovisor Signal Analysis Platform

Focused on bio-rhythm analysis, our Chronovisor team is always working on stretching the envelope – their motto – make it possible.

Chronovisor’s extensible architecture allows us to integrate new devices and sensors or bring in bio-signal data from a new format in next to no time.

If you are bio-instruments OEM, and wish to integrate your device with Chronovisor suite, we sure want to hear from you.