Chronovisor Ambulab

Ambulab – Ambulatory, from Latin ambulāre to walk | Laboratory, from Latin labōrā(re) to work


  • The innovative Ambulatory Polygraph is a lab-in-a-pocket 3rd generation device usable anytime anywhere – from sports field to ICU for multitude of applications
  • Ambulatory + Multichannel: Unique combination that combines best of Holter and Polygraph
  • 3-channel ECG (one kilohertz sampling rate), pulse, and SpO2 recording, special sensors: BINA (Bi nasal Sensors) 2-channel Respiratory and InfraCore (Core Body Temperature) recording
  • Dual mode communication: wired and wireless – enhanced convenience of on-line signal monitoring, commanding and safety across set ups
  • Long duration recording enabled (for circadian studies) with robust on-board data storage
  • The Ambulab is powered by the CE Certified APG-8-1000 recorder and the Chronovisor Suite