Chronovisor Suite

Chronovisor – Chrono = time; visor = viewer (Latin root ‘vi’ or ‘vis’ = to see, ‘visor’ = viewer)


Chronovisor Suite is build on a highly extensible time series data aggregation and signal processing software framework. It’s extensibility makes it easy to integrate with different bio-signal acquisition devices and sensors, and with different data recording formats.

Designed in active collaboration with domain experts to ensure you get what you need. Chronovisor’s motto: Precision with speed.


  • The Chronovisor Suite represents the state of the art in bio-signal time series analysis software platform
  • The truly 360 ° Suite brings together the ultimate convenience of signal viewing, pre-processing, analysis and protocol management in one place: the Windows based software is not only the most advanced but also the most user friendly
  • A medical researcher’s delight its unique features and functionality includes
    • Highly innovative pre-processing navigation and editing tool (IntelliEdit) – great aid in the ‘gold standard’ Clinician’s review of the actual signal – makes the review precise and ultra fast
    • Basketful of user selectable analysis options (time domain, frequency domain, and non-linear) to suit every experiment and dataset
    • Supports multiple recording devices simultaneously in on-line and off-line modes
    • REMO (Recorder cum Monitor) function: Configurable alarms during monitored recording
    • Supports standard data import/export formats and works with any data acquisition system
  • Configurable ‘protocol manager’ – this innovative feature is a great aid in conduct of research projects – prompts the researcher about the assessment steps, commands the device telemetrically and organizes all the device generated and clinical data in one place
  • Highly suitable for variability analysis like HRV (Heart Rate Variability), and supports several research and monitoring applications