Falcon Platform

Falcon – a bird, known for exceptional speed and power of vision


Falcon platform is an enabling technology for creation of scalable Health Grid, combination of robustness and flexibility.

A collection of open APIs for secure data aggregation from various stakeholders participating in digital health grid. The API allows seamless integration of solutions for service providers and service consumers in a secure, reliable and scalable manner. The REST API exposed by Falcon allows platform agnostic integration of add-on services catering to specific stakeholders.


  • The innovative cloud based versatile and open software platform supports development of multitude of healthcare applications like practice management, EMR and EHR, Lab and pharmacy management, healthcare education etc.
  • The platform’s versatility extends to creating applications for
    • wellness, preventive and positive health
    • disease surveillance and creation of patient registries
    • monitoring large scale public health programs like vaccination
    • health surveys and clinical research
  • The platform supports integration of medical devices and is ideal for developing applications for telemedicine, outreach health programs, and homecare
  • Innovative features include the ‘smart scripting’ option – the ‘Touch, don’t Type’ technology to create notes, image and document archival, and analytics support
  • Localized instruction for patients (patients are a key consumer of services offered through Falcon) ensures higher compliance and results in enhanced service experience.
  • Accessible on any device, anytime, anywhere